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Tiling Courses in the UK

tiling courses uk

Tiling training courses are available throughout the UK and they are a excellent way for you to retrain or learn new skills fast. If you are thinking of a change of career, if you are just leaving school or want…

Tiling NVQ Level 2

Tiling NVQ Level 2

If you have already gained your City and Guilds tiling certificate from a tiling training centre and are now working as a tiler you should now consider going for a tiling NVQ Level 2. NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification…

City & Guilds Tiling Certificate

Tiling Certificate

If you want to become a tiler then you must find a city and guilds accredited training centre that will train you up so that you meet with the city and guilds industry standards. These training centres have been specifically…

How to become a self employed tiler?

become a self employed tiler

Becoming a self employed tiler will offer many advantages than if you was working for someone else. You get to choose the days you work, the hours you work, when you take your holidays and best of all no boss…

How to retrain as a tiler?

retrain as a tiler

If you’re thinking about a change of career or are just starting out then training as a tiler is definitely an option that you should consider. In today’s tough economic climate jobs are increasingly tough to come by and it’s…

How to become a Tiler?

How to become a Tiler?

Training to become a tiler could be a great career choice for you and with many City and Guilds approved training centres all over the UK there has never been a better time to start your training. There will be…