City & Guilds Tiling Certificate

city and guilds logoIf you want to become a tiler then you must find a city and guilds accredited training centre that will train you up so that you meet with the city and guilds industry standards. These training centres have been specifically designed for the building trades. A City and guilds tiling training course will teach you everything that you will ever need to know about your new chosen career in tiling, so that you will become a competent tiler.

Tiling Certificate

No previous knowledge about tiling is necessary to enrol on a city and guilds tiling course, all you need is the determination to achieve your goal and become a qualified tiler.

There are many options open to you regarding the length of your course you can take a full time course or a part time course if that fits in with your time better. The longer courses will delve deeper into all aspects of tiling which is the best option for you if you’re planning on becoming a tiler full time and are thinking about starting a tiling business or if you’re thinking about furthering your career and want to try and gain your NVQ Level 2.

On average a City and Guilds tiling course can last anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks, the length of course you take is entirely up to you and what your goals are.
You will be taught by experienced tiling instructors, offering their support and advice who will guide you through your course step by step until you have gained all the knowledge necessary. The course is very hands on and you will start from scratch so that you can gradually develop your skills before you move on to more advanced tiling.

These are just a few of the things you will learn on your city and guilds tiling training course:

  • How to tile walls and floors.
  • How to deal with difficult areas for example uneven walls, pipes, around sockets, baths, toilets, basins etc.
  • You will be shown how to use different materials for example mosaics.
  • How to remove damaged tiles and replace with new.
  • Learn about all the different adhesives that are needed for different surfaces.
  • You will be shown all the tools that are required for different jobs and how to clean them.
  • How to cut tiles with wet and dry tile cutters, tile saws, tile snips and tile scribes.
  • You will be shown tiling that might include diamonds, patterns or borders.
  • Learn how to cut around reveals and windows.
  • How to tile splash backs.
  • Learn how to tile angled ceilings, socket areas and boxed in pipes.
  • Understand all health and safety regulations.

As you go further into your tiling course you will tackle more complex areas for example how to quote for a job and estimating the quantities of tiles that will be required to carry out a job and also show you how to lay electric under floor heating. You will also be able to build on your precision and speed, until you are ready for your City and Guilds assessment.

A City and Guilds assessment is an assessment of your skills and knowledge and if you are successful you will receive a City and Guilds certificate and will be given a photographic portfolio showing the work that you have carried out. This portfolio will be good to have so that you can show it to potential clients or employers when you look for work.

If you want to go even further with your tiling career then you might want to aim to achieve your NVQ Level 2 diploma which is a nationally recognised award and proves that you are a competent fully qualified tiler.