Tiler training books to help you with your courses

If you’re considering training as a tiler then there are some great books that can help you with your training, they are a great way to help you prepare to get your head around what you’ll be learning once you start on your tiling course. And they will be a great reference for you during your training or just for learning a new hobby.

tiling training books

Ceramic and Stone Tiling: A Complete Guide

Unlike many other tiling books that are on the market that take a hypothetical approach, this guide is totally different and demonstrates to its readers that any enthusiast that likes to “do it themselves” can manage to successfully complete a tiling job to a high standard.

This guide covers a wide range of tiling jobs from all the basic procedures to designing the tiling job and right up to the final grouting and the cleaning down.
The very important vital procedures are also covered in this guide including setting out, all procedures are covered in great detail, you will also be informed on the problems that could occur, and how to avoid them.
Readers will be given information on how to tile with terracotta, stone, granite and marble all of which require different tiling techniques than those that are used when tiling with ceramic.

Highlighted tips are provided throughout the text with clearly illustrated step by step colour photos and diagrams.

Tiling Complete: Expert Advice from Start to Finish

If you think of yourself as a ‘do it yourselfer’ then this book was made for you. This complete guide has a very head on approach and focuses on every home tiling job that you could successfully carry out yourself, well, except for those jobs that you really should leave to the professionals.

It’s packed full of fantastic colour photos and is clearly laid out and in an accessible format. Even if you’re a nervous novice, this guide will be ideal to get you started and will enable you to carry out a tiling job successfully on your first attempt.

Throughout the guide you’ll be given information on:

  • Styles and shapes of tiles
  • Tools
  • Preparation and installation
  • Grouting
  • Sealing
  • Caulking

You’ll also be provided with a complete project section along with a chapter dedicated to problems and troubleshooting.
The tips on maintenance and repair will be of great use and will make sure that your successfully completed product will keep on shining for years and years to come.

Setting Tile (Fine Home building)

If you fancy having a go at tiling then let a master tile setter show you how it’s done, he will guide you through as he unveils his craft to you. Readers will be told how to put all of the theory into practice with a wide variety of projects including floors, work tops and walls. During each of these projects you will be shown the traditional thick mortar bed setting and the latest thin set technique.

Tiling: Step-by-Step

This is the must have book for any DIY’er who requires the durability and of course the elegance of tiles for a wide range of projects in the home that may include, kitchens, bathrooms, patios and hallways.

You will be provided with step by step clear instructions, along with photos that illustrate the techniques that are required to select, install and how to maintain and repair the tiles.

Readers will be given honest practical advice with tips on:

  • how to choose patterns and colours
  • how to add decorative tiles
  • how to apply grout
  • Materials required
  • Skills and time
  • Tools required for each project and much more