Tiling NVQ Level 2

If you have already gained your City and Guilds tiling certificate from a tiling training centre and are now working as a tiler you should now consider going for a tiling NVQ Level 2. NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification and this is a nationally recognised qualification which proves that you are competent in the particular area of your choice, and are capable of working in all environments you may encounter in the workplace. Having an NVQ will greatly improve your chances of going even further in your tiling career.

Tiling NVQ Level 2

Before you can gain an NVQ you must first be working as a tiler, and when you think that you are ready to meet with an NVQ advisor for an assessment all you have to do is get in touch with them and arrange to meet in a place of work. If you’re an employee for someone else and you want to be assessed for your NVQ then just tell your employer that you feel that you are ready to be assessed and they will arrange for someone to come and visit you.

The assessment must be done in a place of work and not in a training centre because training centres don’t have all the day to day hazards and disruptions that are found in a normal working environment. It will allow the advisor to see how you can cope in these circumstances and if it affects your work.

Your advisor will watch you at work while asking you questions about your trade to see if you have all the technical and practical knowledge that is needed to become a fully qualified tiler, he/she will then gradually sign off different units as you go through the different tasks marking each unit. The assessor’s job is to make sure that you are competent and display all the knowledge and understanding when in a normal working environment.

If you’re advisor is happy with what you have displayed then you will be awarded with your NVQ Level 2 award which proves that you meet with the required industry standards. If however the advisor doesn’t award you with your NVQ this time he/she will advise you on what you need to improve on and you will always have another chance to try for your NVQ again.

Some benefits of an NVQ qualification

  • Provides evidence of your ability to do a particular job
  • Helps improve career development/promotion chances
  • Gives you a sense of achievement
  • Can be gained on the job
  • Can be completed at a time and pace to suit you

All in all having an NVQ is of great importance if you are working as a tiler and want to improve your job prospects either as being employed, as a potential employer would recognise that you are fully qualified. Or as a self employed tiler would be customers are likely to be reassured of your abilities when they know you have a NVQ diploma in tiling.

I hope this article has been informative and that it has given you all the information you need about how to get a NVQ tiling diploma and what it means when you have been awarded with one and how it improves your prospects of succeeding even further in your particular trade.